The R.A.I.N. Catcher: Oprah KO’s Puzdner … Flynn Flam … Trump Playing Russian Roulette … CNP: The Dark Shadow of Fascism

Welcome to The R.A.I.N. Catcher, a new blog feature where I try to gather together a quick overview of the latest developments in our battle against the forces of darkness which threaten our progressive ideals and the basic human rights we have up ’til now always taken for granted.

Puzdner Was Never Going To Work For Labor

Talk about double entendre — Puzdner had a love/hate relationship with his employees … he loved to hate and disparage them. Opposed to the minimum wage laws and virtually anything else that favored labor, Puzdner made Ebenezer Scrooge look like Mister Congeniality. Already a troubling choice, a tape of his ex-wife’s appearance on Oprah talking about being the subject of spousal abuse was pretty much the final nail in the coffin that led to him withdrawing his nomination to which we say GOOD RIDDANCE! Of course, we still have to worry what kind of overseer Trump will nominate next.

Flip, Flop And Spy: Flynn Story Sounds Like Trump Flim Flam

I suppose I’m showing my age, but for you youngsters out there film flam is a classic term for trickery and deception. And wow, we certainly have a lot of that surrounding now-former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Already highly suspect as to his overall sanity, Flynn was appointed by Trump despite warnings that he might be susceptible to blackmail by the Russians. Then in the course of phone conversations with the Russians, he apparently lied to  the Vice President and was guilty of a number of other curious lies, omissions and  highly questionable ethics, if not actual treason, which were leaked to the media. So Flynn resigned, but the stories coming out of the White House are contradictory and actually belligerent, including Trump blaming the media for false news and leaking intelligence. Okay, so which is it: real intelligence or false news? It can’t be both! Very troubling!

Truth About Russian Connection During Campaign Could Prove Fatal To Trump Administration

Along with the Michael Flynn fiasco, more evidence is surfacing that Trump campaign officials may have had contact with, and possibly colluded with Russian government officials (i.e. FBS spies) during their efforts to illegally interfere in our election process and aid in the election of Trump. It could very well spill over into charges of treason. There is increasing demand for a Congressional investigation. We can only hope that the Republicans will pursue it with the same tenacity that they showed in their investigations of the Benghazi attack and Hillary’s emails. Otherwise, they will be demonstrating a level of partisanship that borders on treasonous!

Extremists Make Council for National Policy A Dark Threat To Freedom

If you’ve never heard of the Council for National Policy (CNP), don’t feel bad … that’s exactly what they want. It’s a very secretive cabal of hard core conservatives and far right wing extremists that basically wants to turn America into a fascist religious state. They recently released a manifesto that is quite troubling. According to The Washington Post:

“The five-page document produced by the Council for National Policy calls for a ‘restoration of education in America’ that would minimize the federal role, promote religious schools and home schooling and enshrine “historic Judeo-Christian principles” as a basis for instruction.” [Read the story here.]

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It should also be noted that Betsy DeVos’ has family on the CNP. Scary!

I’ve started digging into the CNP and it’s like opening a rats nest. Trump has called on a number of its members for input on policy for his administration. Though they try to keep their membership secret, a 2014 list has become public and shows a high number of white nationalists, homophobics and religious extremists involved. You can read more about their dark aims here. It is quite chilling! I promise to shed more light on these “Dark Lords of the Sith” as they are sometimes called.

Get To Know Our Enemies Because Knowledge Is Power!

Let the R.A.I.N. wash away the lies and let the truth be seen!

The Divine Miss Bri

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