A Scorched Earth Defense: Stop Gorsuch At All Costs

With all the distractions involving the Trump-Russia investigation, the AHCA debacle, and the headlong rush to destroy our environment, Trump and the GOP have been hoping to wear the opposition out and assure that Neil Gorsuch is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. THAT SIMPLY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!!

Confirming Neil Gorsuch would be a unmitigated disaster for everyone who believes in equal rights for all and that corporations should not hold ultimate authority over our lives. He is cut from the same mold as the five justices who produced the Citizens United decision, one of the most egregious crimes ever committed against the American people. It opened up a flood of dark money campaign contributions and allowed the far right to literally buy their way into power.

This allowed extreme conservatives like the Koch Brothers to pour billions into electing tea party Republicans, while corporations poured money into financing obstructionists like Mitch McConnell. It’s a sad truth that if you tell a lie often enough to enough people, they’ll believe it. Consequently, we have Republicans in Congress who are some of the absolute dumbest creatures on the planet. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them switched to wearing loafers because they couldn’t figure out how to tie their shoes.

What’s even worse than their ignorance is their arrogance. They only believe in keeping their party in power, regardless of whether that involves trying to cheat the neediest

Crocodile by water edge with open mouth, Australia.

Americans with the AHCA or trying to sabotage an investigation into possible treasonous activities involving the Trump campaign. They are also some of the most racist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic bigots imaginable.

They fear progress as a threat to their place in the world. They want to take us back to a time when white, so-called Christian, presumably heterosexual males ran everything and nobody questioned the husband, the boss or the preacher. That, however, is a world that doesn’t exist anymore, if it ever really did in the first place.

Progress comes eventually. You can embrace it and learn to mange it or you can fight it and be destroyed by it. Gorsuch would insure that the Supreme Court helps the right roll back the progress we’ve made to date and prevent any gains. His litany of non-answers to questions from the Senate Judicial Committee, the worrisome nature of many of his lower court decisions and his political leanings leave little doubt that he should not wear the robes of a Supreme Court justice.

In addition, this Supreme Court seat was stolen by the Republicans who refused to even grant a hearing to consider President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland. That was a total disregard for tradition and a dereliction of their duty under the Constitution.

This is where Democrats in the Senate must use every tool and weapon at their disposal to block confirmation of Gorsuch! They need to dig up every scrap of potentially damaging informationabout Gorsuch and publicly rake him over the coals. And, if it takes a filibuster, then they MUST filibuster! We are talking about a scorched earth defense with no surrender and no retreat.

What if McConnell and the Republicans invoke the nuclear option? Democrats need to make sure that the Republicans get burned by the fallout. We need to bring government to a screeching halt! At the same time, we need to raise more money, make more phone calls, post more blog entries, participate in more marches until we get enough progressive candidates elected to return control of our government back to all the people!

This is war! Join the fight!

The Divine Miss Bri

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Confirming DeVos for Education Secretary Shows GOP Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

The future of public education in America could very well end up as a barren wasteland with the reckless vote by Senate Republicans to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Widely considered to be totally unqualified for the post, her nomination and confirmation perfectly demonstrate  just how low our political system has sunk with a man voted into the White House who apparently can’t read more than 160 characters (the max allowed in a Tweet) and a Senate full of lap dog Republicans who only serve their rich donor owners rather than the citizens of our country.

The Atlantic raised serious concerns in an article regarding DeVos’ evasiveness in responding to questions about her qualifications. “DeVos—who has never taught public school, never attended public school, and never held elected office—sidestepped questions about everything from how she will ensure that groups she has backed financially in the past will not feel pressure to behave a certain way to whether guns belong in schools.

Or consider this from the New York Times in its coverage of her confirmation. “For many in the education community, Ms. DeVos’s full-throated support for charter schools and vouchers — which allow students to use taxpayer dollars to pay tuition at private, religious and for-profit schools — is emblematic of a disconnection from the realities of the education system. Neither Ms. DeVos nor any of her children attended a public school. And she has never taken out a federal student loan, which is striking when considering she will head a department that is the country’s largest provider of student loans.

It’s no wonder that senators were swamped with calls from outraged citizens demanding that a person so unqualified not be given an opportunity to wreck our public education system and jeopardize the futures of our children and grandchildren. It is heartening that all 48 Democratic senators and even 2 Republican senators (both women it should be noted) cared enough about our concerns and the fate of public education voted against her nomination.

Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers, and the rest of his Republican Trump rubber-stampers voted to cripple public education in their efforts to create only 2 classes — the well-educated wealthy and the uneducated drones who do their bidding. I wish that was just hyperbole, but that’s what they’re working toward.

However, the Republican arrogance in confirming DeVos and ignoring America’s concerns may well prove to be their undoing. An already restive electorate has just been given another very strong motivation to show these conservative dinosaurs that their time is up and start putting progressives in their place who care about Americans and will work toward a better future for all instead of just a chosen few.

It will be a long haul and take an unflinching commitment, but the GOP will learn  that when you pour gasoline on a fire that’s already burning, it will blow up in your face.

Get active now! Check out www.resistancemanual.org, www.aclu.org, www.hrc.org and www.democrats.org! Together we refuse to go backward!

Let the R.A.I.N. wash away the roadblocks to progress!

The Divine Miss Bri 

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