Money Talks: How To Hit Trump And The GOP Where It Hurts By Boycotting Their Sponsors

Every day brings a new threat to our rights and our future as well as frightening new insights into just how dysfunctional and dangerous the political situation in Washington has become. From the White House to Congress, the Trump administration and the GOP appear to be in a mad scramble to see which one can do the most damage.

Just as we thought the debacle of confirming the appointment of a totally unqualified Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education might be as low as the Senate GOP could go, self-appointed Senate dictator Mitch McConnell and his band of knuckle-dragging neanderthals slithered to new depths with their efforts to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren, which is another mistake that will come back to haunt them. (Read story here.)

Then, Senate Republicans confirmed Jeff Sessions, a man who was denied a federal judgeship because of past racial concerns, to be our top law enforcement officer with a major responsibility for safe-guarding civil rights. That’s beyond bizarre.

And it wouldn’t be complete without Kellyanne Conway, queen of alternative facts and fake massacres, who violated ethics laws and endorsed  Ivanka Trumps’ clothing line on national television.

I could go on and on, which is the point I want to make … we need to put the
brakes on this runaway tyranny and absurdity before America gets crushed in a massive train wreck. Fortunately, there are ways to start putting a stop to this assault on our rights.

Organize peaceful protests to draw media attention to the issues. Stay in touch by phone and email with your elected representatives at all levels to let them know that you want them to stand up against Trump and the conservatives efforts to eliminate the ACA, ban immigrants/refugees and roll back environmental protections, financial safeguards, civil rights enforcement and LGBTQ gains. Get involved in local Democratic or independent party politics and even run for office yourself. And, just as importantly, use your wallet to hit the other side where it hurts.

There’s an old saying about the Golden Rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules. That’s meant that the big-money Republican donors have been getting their way with Trump and the GOP. However, we can change that by fighting fire with fire. There’s a web site called Adstrike that monitors which companies have ad placements on alt-right hate speech/fake news sites like Breitbart, American Lookout and Drudge Report so you can contact the companies and request they pull their advertising.

We can also choose not to patronize brands / stores that support right-wing politicians and do not reflect our values of tolerance, inclusion and equal rights. I personally refuse to buy Angel Soft, Brawny or Vanity Fair paper products because they’re owned by the Koch Brothers. I also avoid Domino’s Pizza, Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby because of their values and/or their political contributions. You can find more by clicking on the following links.

One additional resource to add to your arsenal is Resistance Manual, a site with
lots of information on issues and policies, plus tools you can use to take action now to bring this runaway train to a halt!

Use every tool to strike back for our freedom before it’s gone!

Let the R.A.I.N. bring a flood of hope!

The Divine Miss Bri


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