Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue: Trump and the GOP Have Created An American Horror Story!

While I took a break from posting on my blog to focus on economic survival, which is still a work in questionable progress, the clown prince of tweets in the White House and the GOP Gong Show rejects in Congress have been doing their best to destroy our country, our rights and any hope for the future. Instead of draining the swamp, they turned it into a cesspool! It’s such a mess, it’s hard to decide which absurdity  to talk about first.

Collusion with Russia: From Smoking Gun To Flaming Cannon

The email chain released by Donald Trump, Jr. refutes many of the claims by the White House denying meetings Russians to gain assistance in the election. It’s sort of like the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae of evidence that the Trump campaign was engaged in collusion with a hostile foreign power — but nobody seems to care. The Republicans in Congress are disgustingly silent on the subject, which in effect amounts to tacit approval of treason. That speaks volumes about their greed for power and their total lack of ethical responsibility. During Watergate, the Republicans wanted the truth as much as the Democrats. Now, they ignore it while Trump and his team release damning evidence then claim it’s fake news to the point where up is down, black is white and Trump’s followers refuse to accept the truth. Now that is scary!

Health Care Fiasco: Plans To Offer Affordable Insurance That Doesn’t Cover Anything

Much like Picket’s Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War or the banzai charges by Japanese soldiers during World War II, Republicans  are so bound and determined to repeal and replace Obamacare that they don’t care how many lives they have to sacrifice to do it. One of the latest ideas comes from Ted “Lucifer’s Twin” Cruz who wants insurance companies to be able to offer unregulated low-cost insurance plans. Gee, that’s very mean and nasty of you, Ted the Terrible. What will happen with all these low-cost insurance policies, especially the unregulated ones, is that they will have so many exclusions, limits and stipulations that they won’t be worth anything if you need them. You’d be better offer with some eye of newt and a little fairy dust. The ONLY fair and workable solution is to adopt a single-payer form of universal health care coverage, such as medicare for all. Until we do, quality health care will be unaffordable for too many in this country!

Reverse Robin Hood: We’re Being Robbed Of Money, Choices And Even The Air We Breathe

With their attempts to roll back environmental protections (which will only make corporations and their execs richer without actually creating more new jobs);, roll back net neutrality protections so that big ISPs, who already have a  monopoly on our access to the internet, will be able to dictate what content will be forced on us and make it much more difficult for us to find/access sites that can’t afford to pay huge fees to the ISPs; roll back financial regulations so Wall Street is free to devastate our economy again; and plans to cut taxes for the wealthy, this administration is trying to create one massive underclass (the 80%) to serve as little more than slaves for the 20%.

So, what do we do? In a bit of fitting irony, we need to take Clint Eastwood’s advice from his move “The Outlaw Josie Wales” and “git mad dog mean” in protesting! We don’t stop, we don’t surrender and we don’t accept this situation! We take back what is ours by whatever means necessary! Boycott companies that support Trump and the GOP! Demand accountability from every elected official! And VOTE in every election and every primary for every office!

This is not just a skirmish. This is not just a battle. This is all-out WAR!

Take no prisoners!

The Divine Miss Bri


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