The New American Revolution: Joining The Surge of Participatory Democracy

In the short time since the inauguration, I have been caught up in something that is both magical and primal. Something that we lost somewhere along the way in our otherwise busy lives. Something we rarely gave a second thought until our values, and even our survival, were threatened. It was brought into focus by a quote Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut cited in addressing the throngs of people who could not get into his Town Hall tonight because of the huge turnout. “Don’t assume democracy is inevitable.”

Don’t assume … But isn’t that what most of us have done for so long? Sure we voted, although a lot of citizens failed that test as well. Now, however, we let a crude, hate-inciting man who dealt in empty promises and slogans occupy the White House and the corporate/religious extremist-owned GOP control the legislative branch of of our national government. We took for granted our candidate would win …and we lost. Suddenly we are faced with an onslaught of threats to our freedom and our future.

Whether you worry about our environment, social justice, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, voting rights, net neutrality, our national security, access to healthcare, economic justice, human rights or any combination of these, they are all threatened by the current administration and the GOP. And, while it may seem an uphill battle now, the grassroots organizing that started with the Women’s Marches continues to build into a massive effort of concerned citizens who have decided that it’s time to take back our country … and our democracy!

Make no mistake. This will not be a quick victory. It demands commitment for the duration to achieve victory in reaching our goals and safeguarding them. And along the way, we will continue to build bridges instead of walls, to find common ground among so many different groups whose ideals and very existence are in danger, and to unite as one voice from many in saying that this land belongs to all of us with liberty and justice FOR ALL … no fine print, no exclusions!!!!!

We will resist! We will fight! And we will do it together!

Let the R.A.I.N. help the roots of participatory democracy grow strong and deep!!!!

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The Divine Miss Bri

I am a freelance writer, actor, director, transwoman and activist with a passion for equality for all. My background is in advertising and media, including stints as a copywriter, account supervisor, radio program director, radio news director/anchor/reporter and radio air personality.

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